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Martin Christ

Martin Christ GmbH, Germany
This company has been a leading manufacturer of Freeze Dryers and Vacuum Concentrators worldwide for over 40 years and offers a comprehensive program of laboratory, pilot and production systems for all possible applications with FDA and cGMP compliance. Large range of accessories to adapt to customer requirements. 
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aquasant Messtechnik AG, Switzerland
High-precision fiber-optic Cell Density Meters with dual transmitters and receivers on a single measuring level. In-situ sterilizeable probes with quartz glass windows. Special retractable system for long term control of mammalian cell culture density. Level measuring and control systems, in-line product quality monitoring and interfacial layer measuring.
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DrM, Dr. Mueller AG, Switzerland
STERIBAC« Filtration equipment designed for CIP and SIP to perform reliable clean and sterile solid/liquid separation steps, based on the well known FUNDABAC« Filter, without any moving parts.  In-situ washing and drying of solids with automated bottom discharge.

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Graber & Pfenninger AG, Switzerland
The Vibrating Mixer consists of an electromagnetic drive and a stirrer shaft which agitates by vertical reciprocating motion. Since it never rotates, sterile seals are simple. The range of mixing is from 1 cm3 to 10,000 gallons. Applications include cell culture, virus replication and protein solutions that cannot be subjected to foam or shear.
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FEDEGARI AUTOCLAVI, Italy / Switzerland
Vertical and horizontal  saturated-steam sterilizers for fully automated operation with high productivity and low maintenance.  Process control with high level of modularity flexibility and performance with possibility to integrate the machines in any monitoring and control network. 
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Riebesam GmbH, Germany
Top quality range of laboratory cleaning, disinfection and drying machines with outstanding performance features and a wide choice of options at an optimum price / benefit ratio.
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Duetz, Netherlands
An integrated, easy-to-use and cost-effective technology for the rapid handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains in 96 - well microtiter plates.
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Pharmaceutical continuous thermal decontamination units for effluents BSL 1, 2 & 3 and sterilization systems for growth media, featuring the patented Actijoule « design.  Flowrates from 10 to 7,000 GPH.  Treatment temperatures up to 145║C. Reliable process control systems.
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With long term stability at all operating temperatures. Latest CFC- free of refrigeration technology with low energy consumption. Stainless steel cabinet interior and long life dual compressors. User friendly Microprocessor alarm and control system.

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